Haris Ahmed Chicago | Public Speaking Tips for Engaging Audiences

Top 3 Tips for Engaging Audiences in Public Speaking, by Haris Ahmed of Chicago Haris Ahmed, Chicago change expert and PR consultant, has been invited by numerous institutions for speaking engagements. As a businessman, he knows the importance of honing his public speaking skills as these greatly help him communicate more effectively with his clients. … [Read more…]

Haris Ahmed Chicago: How to Improve Your Public Speaking Voice

Haris Ahmed, from Chicago, is the is the founder of Pragmatium Consulting Group, Inc., a consulting company that gives public relations seminars to managers and executives. Haris Ahmed says more Chicago companies could improve their national and global influence if they only invest in proper PR techniques, and believes that public speaking is an art … [Read more…]

Haris Ahmed – Chicago | Public Speaking and Sales

Haris Ahmed Chicago: Why Everyone Should Learn Sales Talk Haris Ahmed, a Chicago PR consultant, heads Pragmatium Consulting Group, Inc., a consulting company that does project management and public relations in the Midwest. The services offered by Pragmatium and Haris Ahmed in Chicago are much sought-after by many of the region’s largest companies, including some … [Read more…]

Haris Ahmed – Chicago | Public Speaking and Startups

    Haris Ahmed Chicago: Why Startup Founders Need to Learn Public Speaking Haris Ahmed, a Chicago management consultant, heads an executive consulting company that does public relations for some of Chicagoland’s largest businesses. Public speaking is a primary advocacy for Haris Ahmed, and Chicago, which he has called home for more than twenty years, … [Read more…]

Haris Ahmed | Chicago | When Change is Inevitable in the Workplace

Haris Ahmed Chicago Consultant on the Inevitability of Change Haris Ahmed of Chicago-based Pragmatium Consulting, Inc. is an organizational change expert and management consultant. He has provided his professional expertise to countless organizations looking to enhance their performance, productivity, and profitability. In most instances, the leaders of the organization recognize the need for change. The … [Read more…]

Haris Ahmed of Chicago on Organizational Change: Internal and External Factors

Haris Ahmed Chicago Consultant on External and Internal Factors that Signal Change Haris Ahmed of Chicago-based Pragmatium Consulting, Inc. has seen a number of organizations fail because they were adverse to change. The thing about change is that the exact same premises for it, as well as its unique components, only happen once. You do … [Read more…]

Haris Ahmed (Chicago) Firm Pragmatium Consulting Inc. on Communication Styles

Haris Ahmed, Chicago Consultant On Communication Styles Haris Ahmed of Chicago management consulting firm Pragmatium Consulting Group Inc. has helped countless clients streamline operations and improve the flow of processes. Read his blog below about communication styles and change: Communicating change is never easy. Before you can finish a sentence, that feeling of dread would … [Read more…]

Haris Ahmed | Chicago | Adapting Work Life Balance Changes in the Workplace

Haris Ahmed Chicago Consultant: Promoting Work Life Balance in the Workplace For Haris Ahmed of Chicago-based management consulting firm Pragmatium Consulting, Inc., creating a fun, safe, and healthy workplace environment for employees promotes wellness and wellbeing; and emphasizes the company’s dedication to taking care of their employees. Today’s workplace environment has dramatically changed since a … [Read more…]