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Haris Ahmed, Chicago Consultant: Leadership and Foresight

Haris Ahmed of Chicago management consulting firm Pragmatium Consulting, Inc. often mentions that an exceptional leader has the gift of foresight—the instinct or ability to ‘predict’ the future and anticipate events, situations or actions that could directly affect their organization. He further adds that anticipation is the key to preparedness. And in business, regardless of size, type or industry, being ready to leap into action at a moment’s notice could potentially mean removing the business out of harm’s way or reducing the impact of a blow like shifts in trends, economies, and world markets, or even anticipating the industry’s adoption of disruptive technology.

But anticipation requires precision. This may seem like two completely opposing terms; anticipation and precision (how could one be precise about something that may or may not happen?), but this is where the gift of foresight comes into play. In business, any task, project or undertaking must be approached and worked on with as much precision as possible.

When the organization’s leader anticipates, it is not done on a whim. Data analysis, research, tests, and discussions with key personnel are done in order to come up with a plan or strategy to address the event should it ever come. This is anticipation on a larger scale.

In day-to-day operations, anticipation also plays a crucial role. The mere act of ordering a fresh supply of materials before the stocks on hand run out, for example, is anticipation in action. There are many other areas and situations where anticipation can make all the difference in the world. And at the forefront of it all is an exceptional leader.

Whether on a small or large scale, having the ability to anticipate is what separates exceptional leaders from the rest of the pack. Because someone who knows how and what to anticipate will be the one who will guide and lead the team towards the achievement of the company’s goals.

Planning and preparation are important elements in addressing any major event in business; in a way that will deliver positive results—or at least prevent exposing the company to greater risks. But when a company didn’t see the event coming, the effects could be catastrophic.

Whenever Haris Ahmed (Chicago)-based Pragmatium Consulting, Inc. holds training’s for his client’s top executives and employees, he always emphasizes the importance of anticipation. “Anticipate. Anticipate. Anticipate. That’s how you get one step ahead of the competition;” is what he would always tell his clients.

In the end, an exceptional leader who has the skills to anticipate is not only invaluable to the company but to the entire team as well.

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